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I really want to try and get the DA PRO Camera Bag, it's perfect for my gear and it saves me worrying about ruining the camera. Any donations would really help.

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Off uni til next year now, bring on the shoots and hoop classes!
If only you could see inside my "pretty little head"
The horror that lies beneath my January skin
It's something more that anything you'd read in the Necronomicon
Hellish and fantastical, it'd eat you alive
I'm sick of being sick in the mind

I'm the wasp that has stung you, the damaged and misused
I am the definition of lust when your fingertips caress my flesh
I've dissolved away your sense of restraint, and you'd get these references if you were reading this
If you were here I'd get on my knees, because I know just how you like it
"Please, Mistress, please"

One day my lips will leave a stain and you will see me in your dreams
Convulsing and bleeding at the words you say
I'll make you forget the things in between us
But can you break what is already broken?
Coz baby you already know how badly I'm alone
To the greatest person on this somewhat significant planet,

I've somehow fallen into this emotional trap that makes me want you for myself. In all your glory, hatred and remorse.  I seem to have become fond of your devilish manner. Perhaps it was our similarities, such as our love for the same hot beverages and Marvel knowledge. Or perhaps it was the raging hormonal lust that we share for a presence of dominance in the bedroom.
I could tell you about how exceptionally perfect you are but that would be a lie, and one that you would most likely suspect of. But I've never really been fond of "perfect", when used as a standard, and I think that's why I like you. Being such a wall flower myself, I've grown accompanied to the downs and the ups of oddness and whatnot. I like your honesty. Honesty of intoxicated mistakes and stories of heart strings that have been pulled to the point of snapping.
I also love your basic dreams of merely being alive and playing music. I like that you see me as a close friend. I like that there is a soft spot that exists within you that you don't let people know about, and that you don't judge me by my own mistakes because you understand that nobody is perfect.

You text and call me when I'm drunk, when I laugh too much and can't walk straight, or even fall into walls. Know that in those moments you are all I am thinking about. You have your own demons, secrets and pain filled past. I could never judge you on that, because pain is a side effect of life and what we do about it is a side effect of pain. You've helped me build up my confidence and self esteem, as well as show me to forget those that shouldn't matter. I just hope I have done the same for you.
If you're ever sad to the point where death seems more promising than life then please come to me, even if I am a shit human being, because you don't deserve the darkness. I'm not saying that you're not allowed to be sad, because everyone has the right to cry and not sleep. But an impending doom isn't something to strive for.

I like that you refer to my complex array of thoughts, feelings and "what if"'s as my "pretty little head". Like it's something indescribable and tormented. I couldn't agree more with you, but you'll have to fight to get inside. When you remind me that we are just friends it's a literal stab in my chest because every time I see you I want to hear each breath get taken in by your tobacco-ached lungs...but then I remember that it is not my place to hold your hand, and it is not my place to love you.

But on that note I'll leave you with an undoubtable mystery, just like you always leave me wanting more.
You...the unsolved inevitable you...
From "Chick" x
  • Mood: Lonely
  • Listening to: Reincarnate - Motionless In White
  • Reading: Necronomicon
  • Watching: American Horror Story
  • Drinking: Tea
It's literally been over a year since I posted on here. Freaky shit, how time flies. Life update is that I'm now in a band as the scream/lead vocalist. I've got an awesome thigh tattoo (first of many) and well...I'm going to University!
Tbf I'd be surprised if anyone read and/or acknowledged this journal post as it has been so long.
But yeah...peace!


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I write a lot of lyrics and I'm the lead vocalist for Hometown Martyrs. I love photography. Sometimes I model too.
Female, English, Bisexual.

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